First and Last of 2013

The Clever Cats Book Club is my first release for 2013. I've always loved the Aussie Bites series of books for younger readers. It's taken me way too long to write one. Sometimes small books can present interesting challenges.

The Clever Cats Book Club evolved from listening to one of my aunts talk about a book club that she started when she was at school. I wish I'd thought to start a book club when I was a kid. I'm a member of two book clubs now and the members of those book clubs include some of my closest friends. Book clubs are s a great way to strengthen friendships and to share the love of books.

The Clever Cats Book Club is illustrated by a wonderful young artist who just happens to be my second cousin, Florence Boyd.  Florence has also done the illustrations for my upcoming August 2013 release, The Four Seasons of Lucy McKenzie.

But this post will be the very  last  blog post on As of this weekend, Magic Casements will move over onto my brand new website.  Eeek. Launching a new website is just as exciting as launching a new book!

The new website has bells, whistles, my Magic Casements blog embedded in the website and masses of new content. If you've been a regular or irregular reader of this blog, I'll hope you'll check out the new site.

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